The Panasonic Milano Beard Trimmer

panasonic trimmerThe Panasonic men’s beard and hair trimmer is part of their new Milano series. This useful grooming tool allows men to shave and trim their hair in conditions that are either wet or dry. The unit costs approximately $70 and comes with Panasonic’s impressive manufacturer’s warranty.

Wet or Dry Options

The Panasonic Milano beard trimmer has the rare ability to be used while skin is dry or wet. While there are other trimmers on the market that feature the wet or dry option, there are not many that can allow the unit to become fully immerged in water. The water holes in this impressive unit allow water to flow freely through it. Not only does this make grooming in the shower simple, but it also makes cleaning the product very quick and very easy.

Trimming Options

The Panasonic Milano beard trimmer features a quick adjust dial that allows you to be able to choose for any of the 19 settings available. These are from one to ten millimeters. There is no need to have a separate attachment for each settings. This makes travelling with the product even easier. The dial is designed to allow you to seamlessly change and adjust your blade lengths. This gives you more control over your grooming needs.

The stainless steel blades provide fast action without damaging or nicking the skin. The blades are hypoallergenic so they are able to be used on even the most sensitive skin. The Panasonic Milano beard trimmer features a comfort handle that features rubber grips to make the unit easier to hold. This is perfect as the grooming tool is able to cut at a 45 degree angle to offer you the closest shave possible. Most shavers and trimmers do not allow for that type of angle while shaving.

While the unit was designed as a trimmer, many men that have reviewed the product have used it as a shaver for the body and head. The 19 different settings has allowed them to get the cut that they want and keep it easily maintained.

Included Accessories

This grooming tool is completely rechargeable. This allows you to charge the unit and take it with your wherever you may go. The AC recharger stand boasts an indicator light. When the unit is on the charger it will glow red to let you know that it needs to charge. A few short hours of charging will provide you with up to 50 minutes of cordless shave time.

When not in use, the charging station becomes a stand holder. This will keep your new trimmer safe and located in a convenient location. This product also comes with a cleaner brush and three special attachment combs, to make trimming even more customizable.

Panasonic has long been known for the innovative technology and their commitment to men’s hygiene is no different. The Panasonic Milano beard trimmer may seem more expensive than the other models on the shelf but their quality and warranty makes the price affordable.

What Does a Beard Mean to You?

meaning of the beardWhen a boy starts to grow hair on his face it is said that he is turning into a man. This theory is common amongst most cultures Eastern and Western. It’s as if growing hair on your signifies that you have crossed that imaginary line from boyhood to manhood. The change typically begins to take place when a boy reaches his teenage years. Along with facial hair comes the deepening of the voice and other bodily changes that lets a young man know he is one step closer to reaching the status of a man. Within society beards are viewed differently depending on who you ask and what their beliefs are. As far back as the Ancient Egyptian era beards were used to distinguish the elite from the lower classes. This way of classifying men continued well into the 15th and 16th centuries. Beards not only represented social status but it was also associated with the masculinity and virility of a man.

The facial hair that a man grows around his mouth and under his chin is known as a beard. Sometimes a man’s beard connects with his side burns and grows in a fashion similar that in which Santa Claus is known for. Ancient Egyptians would let their beards grow to great lengths and this was a way that they showed superiority. During the Greek and Roman Empire beards lost their level of distinction when Roman men began shaving their faces clean. It was the Greeks who kept their beards long but they were thought to be lower class and dirty because of the beard.

During the 15th century a lot of men were still clean shaven but then suddenly in the 16th century the popularity of the beard returned. With varying degrees of length and style this time period saw a rise to all kinds of beards. Some were extremely long and had the curled up mustache to go with it, while others were short and bushy in the shape of a goatee. Whatever the shape or length there was a certain distinction of class that went along with it. Many lawyers and judges wore beards. Men who did not wear beards were sometimes considered homosexuals being that a beard was associated with masculinity. In some societies once a boy began growing hair he was supposed to keep it. Of course in today’s society we have gotten away from that level of thinking.

In Western culture beards are just a rite of passage that transitions a boy into a man. Whether he chooses to shave his beard off or keep it on is just a personal preference. In previous times the beard signified wealth and prestige but that is not the case in recent years. More contemporary societies would rather have a man clean shaven. Some companies don’t allow their male employees to have beards or if they do it has to stay within certain parameters. Never the less the history of the beard is both fascinating and educational.